Skip all the bad stuff

Introducing the world’s first series of hibernation pods that enable humans to deep sleep through all the bad and stressful moments of their lives.

Revolutionary hibernation technology

The Triple Cooling System of Samsung Hiberpod independently controls and optimises human temperature, slowing down functioning of internal organs and metabolic rate. Humans no longer have the risk of ischemic injury and can painlessly put the life on pause from 1 to 30 earth-years.

Features to make your deep sleep that bit better

Smart timer controller


Trump, Putin or Kim Chen Un will be gone, your stocks will rise in value or favourite football team will finally win the trophy.

Neural media system


Enjoy your favourite series or music and don’t miss out - our multimedia database will be updating constantly with fresh and popular content.

Social media automation


Built-in auto posting system will update your status on any social network, so your friends won’t even notice that you are sleeping.

Find the right Hiberpod® for you

Will it fit? Remember to measure yourself before you buy

Samsung’s hibernation technology roadmap and technical details, will first be open to its beta testers and partners at the upcoming U.S Samsung Forum scheduled for May 24, 2019. To apply to become a potential beta tester for Samsung Hiberpod® simply share this page on Facebook or Twitter.

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